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Wankelmut – Sirens EP (Poesie Musik)


wankelmutRelease: August 12th, 2016
Score: 9/10
House/Deep House 

Oh boy! What is it about Wankelmut that makes him deliver such on-point productions just about every time? The allure of a producer that can tread the fine line between accessibility and quality is very strong and something Wankelmut is exceptionally good at. However, Wankelmut seems to mirror his environment, chameleon-like which is especially evident on this Poesie release with Wankelmut turning in three extremely good quality tracks with an edge of deepness for Get Physical’s sister label. All three tracks hold Wankelmuts trademark driving sound but especially evident on Reprise and Tabula Rasa is how much deeper, more spaced out, perhaps even late-night sound they are. Reprise in-particular showcases a lovely set of 3am groovin’ deep house simple synth riffs that play off each other beautifully giving the track that back-room feel without dropping the energy thanks to a nagging bassline and some spacey pads and high strings. Add the female spoken vocal and you have a bone fide groover that I would never have placed as a Wankelmut production. Tabula Rasa repeats the successful elements of Reprise; driving bassline, big kick, nice deep melodies that ear-worm there way into your brain topped off with a lovely Aretha Franklin sample most notably used on the balearic classic DJ H featuring Stefy – Think About. Nothing outrageous here just another great quality club focussed big-bottom ended groover that will most likely rock the bejesus out of your floor. Easily the most signature sounding track of the package is You Wanna Know with its rolling bassline, nagging analogue riffs and delicate melodies. The original vocal by French vocalist Joy fits the track perfectly and elevate what is already a slamming instrumental to stratospheric heights. The mixture of fire and ice sounds, burning and soothing – big analogue stabs, huge vocal delays, gentle keys and pads – when this comes out of the break it kicks like a mule. Forget your preconceptions, whether you’re a Wankelmuty on not, you need to check this out. Three fantastic tracks from a class act.



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