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Las Cabezas – El Diablo Y Mi Nena/Bullit (Galleria)


How many times do we hear ‘house music isn’t what it used to be?’ Here’s the thing – it is, you just have to look a little harder. If the proof of the pudding is in the eating, then serve yourself a slice of Las Cabezas, it has an old-skool flavour with nu-skool production and it’s bonkers off-the-scale to boot.

When you peek under the cover and realise the production partnership behind Las Cabezas is Neil Hinde (formerly of Lisa Marie Experience) and Leiam Sullivan (Max Linen) it goes a little way to understanding the quality and aesthetic behind this release.

‘El Diablo Y Mi Nena’ is a jazz infused, mid-tempo Balearic house chugger which just keeps on down the road of groove, no pit-stops, no u-bends just big old bombastic groove. The drums are almost tribal, the arrangement a short-fuse to a long burn and then boom, you realise it’s an explosion of sound.

Despite the brilliant bonkersness of ‘El Diablo Y Mi Nena’, the stand-out track for me is ‘Bullit’. Think Guy Gerber and Chaim, think strobe filled back-rooms, sweat soaked dance floors and condensation dripping from the ceiling. This is the sound of partying, esoteric and proud, druggy and strong. Starting with a huge drumset the groove quickly build with poker-face bass, snappy percussion, funky stabs and a cacophony of brass building to a crescendo of eerie trumpet sound. Make no mistake this is all about the groove but what a wonderful groove it is.

Imagine yourself in the desert, dancing under the stars or whizzing through the atmosphere having an out-of-body experience. That is ‘Bullit’.

Not often do you find a track like (Bullit) and a release of this calibre. Seize it before someone else does. Epic.

Score: 8.5/10

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