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Label: Bedrock
Release Date: 

It might never be in the headlines, but Bedrock is and always has been a reliable label for club ready sounds that are sure to stir some very real emotions in anyone who hears them, John Digweed is the boss man, of course, but key to the label’s success is the way he enlists new talent to add to the canon and ensure it always subtly evolves. This newest signing is not one that you would have seen coming, but is one that makes perfect sense once you hear the music on offer.

Argy is a thinking man’s DJ and producer from Greece who has turned out tons of classics tracks and a couple of great albums on label slick Cadenza, BPitch Control and Poker Flat in his time. He is adept at producing anything from slick techno to classically informed house music and is someone who never steers away from a pounding groove. What he does here, though, across two tracks that make up his Bedrock debut, is layer in tons of skyward and progressive melody that make his sounds totally at home on Digweed’s imprint.

First up is Belen, which is a high tempo, rather urgent cut with hurried drums and hugely atmospheric pads swarming all around, icy hi hats add to the sense of pace, and intricate key patterns inject a lush musicality all too often missing in clubland. With subtle peaks and troughs along the way, it is a classic bit of surging main room prog that is served and masterful.

The second cut, Alfredo, is more drum driven and percussive. It’s almost tribal in the way it so physically hurries on, but once again some well crafted synths and pads add a sense of scale, depth and musical emotion. They rattle and roll up top, variously in the form of big sweeping chords and more tightly coiled one finger melodies, but the cumulative effect is sweeping and absorbing. Argy and Bedrock, then, seems to be a match made in progressive house heaven.


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