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Renegade Riddims: Waypoint


Introducing a timely unveiling and exhilarating addition to the Warner Records roster, showcasing the remarkable vocals of A Little Sound. Emerging sensation Waypoint proudly presents the release of ‘You’re Not Alone’. This track signifies more than just an artist with soaring aspirations; it embodies the enduring potency and potential of the Drum & Bass genre.

At its core, ‘You’re Not Alone’ originates from Waypoint’s initial bootleg rendition, which first found a home on SoundCloud before rapidly gaining traction in clubs and on the airwaves, with support from Nia Archives during her BBC Radio 1 Residency.

Mere months after an impressive debut single on RAM Records, and a ground-shaking remix for chart-topping artists Kleu, Waypoint has swiftly transformed from a newcomer on the scene to a bona fide producer on the rise. He has established a strong reputation for infusing positive vibes, drawing the admiration of both fans and fellow DJs. Through glimpses of reverence, meticulous production, and unwavering enthusiasm, Waypoint emerges as an artist to watch. Notably, the endorsement from Nia Archives and Charlie Tee on the radio is contributing to the nurturing of a new generation’s connection to the genre’s legacy.

Speeding onto the airwaves, ‘You’re Not Alone’ encapsulates the beloved and signature dynamic elements of Drum & Bass, enhanced by the defining characteristics of the mid-90s dance euphoria. It’s a captivating and tasteful homage to the classics, crafted by a burgeoning producer dedicated to blending timeless Drum & Bass beats with an irresistibly enduring vocal.

Fresh from securing the title of Best Vocalist at last year’s Drum&BassArena Awards, A Little Sound has already left her mark with vocals that have graced some of D&B’s most monumental anthems in recent years. From ‘Back In Time’ with Kanine to ‘Lakota’ with Technimatic, ‘Rum & Lime’ with DJ Gaw and Selecta J-Man, and her latest remix of Rudimental, Charlotte Plank, and Vibe Chemistry‘s ‘Dancing is Healing’.

The fluid rhythms within ‘You’re Not Alone’ encompass both frenetic energy and graceful elegance, drawing equally from the genre’s nostalgic party-friendly vibes and textured layers of yesteryears. The track harmoniously blends dancefloor respect and unity, encapsulating much of the emotional depth that characterized British dance music during the ’90s. The track dropped back in June, grab a copy here!

To celebrate how well the release has done so far, Waypoint joins us on our Renegade Riddims series with a brand new mix! It features music from the likes of himself, DJ Hybrid, Enei, Epicentre, Diagnostix, Kanine, DJ Rap, Nia Archives, Coco Bryce, Voltage, Anaïs and loads more!

Check out the mix below and download it for free here!


Waypoint artwork

Sum up this mix in 10 words…

An explosive, relentless, eclectic selection of my heaviest dubplates

What’s your personal favourite track on it?

That’s such a hard question! Probably my unreleased remix of ‘The Cure & The Cause’ with Charlotte Plank. Such a banger!

What’s the special ingredient in this mix?

Switching jungle choppage into naughty jumpup/roller blends. Hard to execute but deadly when done right!

Tell us about your next EP?

My next EP will be a summary of several factors from the last year or so: a constant, relentless grind, incredible relationships I’ve made, a variety of worldwide musical inspirations, all tied together by the vision I have for my music.

What have you got coming up? 

Mostly just working on music over the next month with some great vocalists and writers. Also have a few cool shows in store that I can’t talk about just yet…

When was the last time you actually raved?

Saturday! The Norwich rave scene is thriving!

And finally, do you have a special message for our readers?

Tell your family and friends you love them. Then show them this mix!


Waypoint – Free (ft. Kizz)

Stance – Stamina (ft. Fernquest)

Waypoint – Down 2 Tha Flo

Roche & Jenks – Don’t Let Me Go

Iskia – Weapon

Python – Jump!

DJ Hybrid – Finally

Alchemist – Walk Away

Kanine – The Shadows

Mozey, Killa P – Bad

DJ Hybrid – Love The Vibe (Bison remix)

DRZ – Karma (ft. PVC)

Parallel – Event Horizon

Waypoint – Run Dat

Bookey – Ease Your Mind

Waypoint – The Cure & The Cause (ft. Charlotte Plank)

Calyx & TeeBee – War Dub

Grimesy – Who Dem (ft. Natty Campbell)

Enei – Full Metal

Konflict – Messiah

Epicentre – B.I.G

Diagnostix – Disturbia (bootleg)

Medicine – My Mind

Bennie – It’s Alive

Waypoint – Gone Bad

Waypoint – Touch Me

Samstone – Thumpy VIP

Erotic Cafe – No Rights

DJ Rush – M*F*ing Bass (Phace bootleg)

DRZ – Two Fcks

Stokka, Spektiv – Gunslinger

Loreen – Tattoo (Dial bootleg)

Aries, Nicky Blackmarket & DJ GAW – Hold On

ill BLU & Danny Byrd – Eyes On Me (Dutty Jungle Remix Instrumental)

BRUK – Steeze

Burt Cope – Higher Level

London Elektricity – Cum Dancing (Mozey remix)

Diagnostix – Favela Rave

ASAP Rocky, Skepta – Praise The Lord (DRZ edit)

Whiney – Guernsey Airport Bubbler X Rhythm & Gash

Idris Elba, Toddla T, General Levy, Naomi Cowan – We Run The Area (Flava D Jungle Remix)

Double 99 – Ripgroove (SyRan bootleg)

Selector Spinach – The Tenth

Waypoint – Underbelly

DJ Rap – Intelligent Woman

Waypoint & A Little Sound – You’re Not Alone

Melsyma – Dance Na Dun

Skepta – Man (Mish & Waypoint bootleg)

Erotic Cafe – You Drive Me

Smokey Bubblin B – Special

O.B.F (feat. Charlie P) – Sixteen Tons of Pressure (Bruk Refix)

Nia Archives – Bad Gyalz

Diagnostix & Crossy – Mike Selekta

Tomcraft – Loneliness (Waypoint edit)

Jaded & H8TO – Topper Top bootleg

Sl8r, Samurai Breaks – Manny Ravers (ft. MNT)

Coco Bryce – Change Of Heart (Sam Binga’s fast mix)

Voltage – Load Up (ft. Sweetie Irie)

Rude Kid – Fabric (Waypoint bootleg)

PinkPantheress – Just For Me (Waypoint bootleg)

DRZ – Ferrari

DRZ & Banzai – La La La

Anais & Emz – My Story

Waypoint – Sweet Disposition


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