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Renegade Masters

Renegade Master: Benny L


From the moment Benny L began sending his music out and signing to record labels he knew eventually he’d want his own platform. However, after he was taken under the wing of Audioporn label owner and Drum & Bass veteran Shimon, the first few years of the producer’s ascent were used to curate a sound which would soon become instantly recognisable in club spaces across the world. Going on to boast a catalogue which only grew after this point, including on the legendary RAM Records (which Shimon helped to engineer) as well as other historic imprints such as Metalheadz and Hospital Records, his name grew more renowned with every output he unleashed.

His formative remix of John Holt’s ‘Police in Helicopter’ was a further turning point for Benny L, standing as an all-time best seller for the genre on Beatport. It also held the top spot of the digital download website for weeks, beating many of his dance music counterparts from across sections like house music and techno; something which was a feat for Drum & Bass. And after touring internationally, from Europe to New Zealand and North America at festivals such as EDC, it was only right that he’d use these foundations to build the label that he saw himself creating at the beginning of his career.

Although still planning on stretching his roots in the labels which have enabled his meteoric rise, his imprint TrES-2b which launched today (Friday 29th April), is opening a brand new chapter for the producer and DJ. His love of Sci-fi and space is clear to see through its handle, with its definition giving an insight into what Benny L plans to release through his own outlet. With TrES-2b known as the ‘darkest exoplanet’, reflecting less than 1% of any light, it gives the impression of looking at a black hole. Just like looking at a piece of Vanta Black… a record from Benny L which was another momentous occasion in his journey, boasting a huge array of tastemaker support. It also initiated TrES-2b by providing its backdrop, which will enable fans and his audience to see an ever-evolving story. One which is reflected through the music that he continues to release, now through his own medium too.

Kicking off proceedings on TrES-2b is ‘Alchemy’ alongside acclaimed vocalist Shady Novelle. With Shady Novelle’s dream-like lyrics sifting through the cranking breaks provided by Benny L, it gives an insight into what’s to come. Alongside more collaborations from the likes of heavyweights Bladerunner, Shabba D, Inja and with Shady Novelle once again dropping in with their sublime vocals, Benny L’s release schedule is already stacked for the forthcoming year.

From the ashes, Benny L has curated a new era for himself following two of the hardest years for DJs across the world. TrES-2b will unleash some of the producer’s best music to date and with so much planned, it shows Benny’s work rate has kept him motivated despite the challenges he’s faced. A name which helped change the game and set trends, it was only apt with the guidance of his mentors that he’d soon place his own home within the scene, where he could continue to flourish permanently. TrES-2b is that place and soon it’ll open its doors to the entire drum & bass world, one release at a time. Benny L is still dictating his own path and TrES-2b is the consequence of that.

To celebrate the launch of TrES-2b, Benny L has curated a wicked 1-hour mix for our Renegade Masters series. This mix is a real mixed bag which spans the 30 years of the Jungle Drum & Bass scene and obviously includes his latest track ‘Alchemy’.

Check out the mix below and download it for free from here and make sure you grab a copy of ‘Alchemy’ with Shady Novelle from here!


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