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Nvrsoft drops ‘Hero’s Journey’ EP on AudioPorn


AudioPorn is a label that remains at the forefront of finding new and emerging talents and a perfect example of this is their recent roster addition Nvrsoft. Following her signing to the imprint, she’s unleashed an array of work, each showing the promise of newcomer talent the label has at its fingertips and the type of which they commit to nurturing. ‘Hero’s Journey’ is the next offering from Nvrsoft.

After demonstrating her eclectic tastes, spearheaded by label owner Shimon, a pillar of the drum & bass community, she returns with another EP to signify why she came under the radar of such an illustrious label. Based in North America, not only have her sounds travelled across the pond, but they’ve also reached the ears of many tastemakers. Nvrsoft has proven that her career is about to transcend to even greater heights, especially through this forthcoming release.

‘Hero’s Journey’ shows her musical progression and it’s one she’s managed to capture within the four tracks debuted across the EP. It follows a musical twist on the Joseph Campbell theory, one which explores the trials and tribulations of any path travelling through the creative fields. From the rolling melodies which take you through ‘Atonement’, the first step into the path Nvrsoft has followed, through to ‘The Unknown’ with its half time tempo, there’s a range of tastes catered for. The percussive patches littered throughout ‘The Call’ give a slightly moodier twist to the Nvrsoft moniker, whilst ‘Temptation’ adds a soothing touch, giving the mellower vibe which is quickly followed by the throbbing bass of ‘The Unknown’.

Nvrsoft has cleverly woven a trail that represents the one she’s taken in her voyage so far, aided by AudioPorn. It’s one which has seen her play at the pivotal London club fabric, as well as a host of stages across the US and its coveted festival scene. On first glance at her touring schedule for 2019, it’s easy to see how she’s translated this into her music. Yet there’s still more to come from the budding drum & bass figure.

Our premiere is ‘The Call’ which starts off with beautiful percussion before the rolling drums and deep bassline kick in followed by a haunting vocal. You can really hear how much Nvrsoft has progressed in the last few months…we’re excited to see what she comes up with next!

‘Hero’s Journey’ is released on AudioPorn Records on 4th October. Check out ‘The Call’ below and grab a copy of the EP here


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