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Uone remixes BONDI & SAAND’s ‘Mission Control’


Bridging the gap between Europe & America. International luminaries and universal cosmonauts BONDI & SAAND combine their creative stardust to form ‘Mission Control’ via Beat & Path.

‘Mission Control’ takes us on a unique musical journey, exploring the depths of our existential impermanence as we traverse the galaxy.

Combining delicate instrumentation, haunting Bowie-like lyricism, and crystal-clear production, the collaboration contains all the ingredients for a tear-jerking festival-closer. This will be sure to make sonic waves across every continent.

On remix duties, they welcome label boss Uone, and Cologne’s David Hasert to take this collaboration to the next level. For our premiere, Uone brings our cosmic exploration to the dancefloor with haunting melodic lines and driving drums and basslines, truly creating its own atmosphere.

Check out Uone’s remix below and grab a copy here.


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