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Theo Kottis releases his ‘Beautiful Strangers’ LP



Theo Kottis has released his debut LP, titled ‘Beautiful Strangers’ via Beautiful Strangers.

Over seven expressive club tracks ‘Beautiful Strangers’ introduces the first in a trilogy of LP’s that aims to capture all of Theo’s passion for music and performance – we’ve been thoroughly enjoying the album for a while now and you can now too, below!

“As a DJ, my strongest skill is being able to adapt, DJs kept saying to me, ‘I never knew you could play that style of music’, because I wasn’t making that style of music. With this album, you can hear a range of styles, a true representation of my DJ selection. It’s easy to get sidetracked by what you think people expect from you, artistically – so in many ways the Beautiful Strangers concept was a way for me to reset and give myself a whole new headspace, whereby I could make whatever I want, without worrying about it fitting any expectations.”

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