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With his new Cabana EP dropping today via Tectonic, enigmatic producer Nurve serves up a seismic Spotlight Mix to celebrate.

The release follows the producer’s 2014 debut for the label run by Bristol favourite, Pinch. Techno is the name of the game on this 4-tracker, offering a complex blend intriguing beat patterns and snarling sonics, all of which are guaranteed to set dancefloors on fire.

Nurve’s Spotlight Mix adds dubstep and grime to the mix. Twisted to the point of bordering on wretched, the set reflects the EP in its ability to make coarse, industrial clutter undisputably danceable. Packed with Nurve’s own material, plus work from Biome, Near, Caski, Pinch and more, the mix is available to stream and download below.

Nurve – Current state of mind feat. Nico Lindsay
Near – Arbiter
Nurve – Latin lover
Caski – Tunnel music VIP
Menace – Night stalker feat. Nurve
Biome – Griddled
Pinch – Screamer feat. Riko Dan
Near – Stress
Nurve – Brain sugar feat. Caski
Lamont – One hour
Nurve – Cabana
Caski – Overgrown
Near – Lurk
Biome – Bush
Nurve – shhhhhhh!
Nurve – Dirty rave
Nurve – Repeat prescription
Dyad – Stumble – Feonix remix
Nurve – Split personality
207 – Mind on a prize