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Special Request Lines Up ‘Modern Warfare’ EPs For XL



Paul Woolford’s debut Special Request LP, Soul Music – released by the prolifically excellent Houndstooth label – was a sub heavy, nostalgic slice of on-trend hardcore revivalism, that clearly pined for (and almost demanded) a return to the halcyon days of ruckus breakbeat science and the chest pounding, supersonic bass assaults that characterised jungle’s first assault into the UK’s underground dance music consciousness way back in the early 90s.

Re-contextualising jungle’s frantic, hectic drum work for a contemporary audience, it goes without saying we quickly became massive fans of Woolford’s alternate moniker. Thus it is we great excitement that we received news that he’d be reactivating the alias for 2015, teaming up with the resurgent XL Recordings to release three, three track EPs.

Arriving throughout October, the records will be compiled into one digital album at the end of the month. Serving up nine “first generation rave, jungle and hardcore” influenced cuts you can check out the first EP’s lead track ‘Amnesia’ below.



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