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Rumour Mill 101: Ibiza



Our industry is fast-paced one, constantly evolving with innovation and technological advancement at its core. It reimagines, undergoing a metamorphosis to stay vibrant. To push the energy forward! There are those who fear change; and those who rise in the face of it. Stand still and stagnate. It can be a competitive, cut-throat business. This is survival of the fittest!

And so it’s begun… Like shoots sprouting-up from the cold, dark earth – reaching-up towards the sunlight. Buds slowly opening to reveal blooming petals. Their pollen carried on a zephyr from warmer climes, stimulating our senses. We talk not of the impending Spring, but something equally salivating: gossip.

Word has reached us that the winds of change will once again blow through clubland on Europe’s premier party island. The agent of change. After the dormant winter, the island is waking-up. Teeming with imagination, speculation and intrigue. Rumours are rife! The energy is real. We hear that a longterm incumbent is upping sticks on a Monday and eyeing a new home for 2018, tempted by ripened fruit.

Perhaps so they can feel the sea breeze on their cheeks (and the early morning sun on their face!) If true, this is arguably the biggest news since Space closed her doors. The season merry-go-round is in full-effect. The apple cart has been tilted. But there’s no reason why those rolling to new places won’t sit equally as firm.

Adapt to change. Or get left behind.

“It is not the strongest or most intelligent of the species that survives, but the ones most responsive to change.”
– Charles Darwin

Be like the caterpillar emerging from its chrysalis. Embrace change and plume like the delicate yet majestic butterfly; reborn to fly.

Check-out our review from last year’s Cocoon Closing party.  Cocoon have announced their Off Sonar party at Pacha BCN on 17th June 2018, featuring Dana Ruh, Einzelkind, Fabe and, of course, Sven Väth.



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