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ZDS remixes Hanne & Lore ‘Street Kings 2.0’


Steffen & Stefan aka Hanne & Lore met 10 years ago at an event in their hometown Herford and started to spend studio time together. Soon after, the song “An der Waterkant”, released by Super Flu’s label Monaberry, became their breakthrough as a producing duo.

It was the kickoff to a journey of countless memorable parties, festivals and after hours that created music released on many different labels along the way. For the 10 year anniversary, they asked 10 amazing friends and colleagues to reinterpret one of the tracks which developed into a wonderful collection of finest dance music by the likes of Andhim, Tube&Berger, Schories, Glitz, ZDS, Aka Aka, Lexer, David Jach, Ole Biege and Dompe – of which we premiere the ZDS remix for you today!

Hanne & Lore’s own label Heulsuse will release it on December 8 2017.