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Prefuse Launches Label With Collab Series



Prefuse 73. Nathan Fake. Teebs. Synkro. Nosaj Thing.  What have all these acts got in common? Well apart from being criminally underated within the electronic music scene and as our headline probably gave away they’re all set to feature on Guillermo S. Herren or Prefuse 73 as he’s better knowns new label as part of his collaborative series.

The new imprint, entitled Yellow Year Records is the new joint venture of Guillermo alongside long term friend and acclaimed photographer Angel Ceballos and it appears the two wasted know time in assembling and all star underground cast to support their first run of releases called ‘Speak soon’. So with exciting times ahead here’s a trailer for the label, featuring some forthcoming music by Prefuse 73 and Teebs.

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