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Paradise Garage Closing Party Footage Emerges



Over the years many of the worlds best clubs have fallen by the wayside, confined to annals of history and whispered about by the lucky few who attended their incredible parties to an envious younger generation attending great clubs of their own era. At the top of any such list of clubs that have gained such a legendary status is New York’s Paradise Garage which given the chance would be one of the first places we at DT would hop in a Delorean and head back to for the evening given the chance.

And now you can.  Well sort of, as a 2 hour video  of the clubs closing night has surfaced online after being uploaded by DJ SimonC who runs the Paradise Garage Facebook page. Founded in 1976 by Michael Brody in New York’s King Street the  club is widely credited with revolutionizing the way we looked at designing and running a night club with the now iconic Larry Levan residing there throughout the beginning of his career. With its influence on electronic music, the LGBT community and clubbing culture undoubted we were fascinated to see the footage of the venue which gives an insight into the club that most of us thought we’d never see as SimonC explains “The video is raw and sound is sketchy in places but perfectly enjoyable. Look out for a very special moment in the film where you can Keith Haring is on the floor dancing to Phyllis Hyman – “You Know How To Love Me” (1hr 26 mins)

Check it out below

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