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Nightlife Contributes £66 Billion To UK Economy



The NTIA (or Night Time Industry Association) is a new trade association that’s been set up by some clubland shot-callers (and some heavy hitters from the wider nightlife business sector) to stop nightlife providers being portrayed in such a negative light – and to remind the government that £66 billion in annual revenue comes from the nightlife industry, which employs 6% of the country’s workers.

With recent club closures like the storied Plastic People earlier in the year and most recently Glaswegian rave-den The Arches, as well as fabric being threatened with closure back in December, this is certainly a good time for the industry to speak with one voice – a view that is clearly shared by the NTIA’s founding members with their report outlining the importance of the industry to the economy and culture of the UK.

Read the full report here.


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