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The NTIA announce NDML Business Protection for Clubs


The NTIA have announced that they are now working with NDML insurance broker. They have announced the NDML Business Protection, which has been designed to provide free legal advice up to £500,000 for all policyholders on matters such as licensing issues, tax investigations, planning disputes from neighbouring developments, employee issues etc.

The objective of the NDML Business Protection is to provide cover for everyday legal disputes faced by NTIA members up and down the country. These would be unforeseen incidents at the venue that would require a venue to need legal advice or specialist consultancy. Licensing issues with local authorities have been at the hear of some of our regulatory concerns and at the treatment at times of our industry.

The team is made up of licensing and planning experts, insurance and health and safety operatives with 30 years in the business. Here at the NTIA we will engage with the local council, councillors and police through our excellent links at the local level on your behalf to make sure that relationships between you and the authority remain as positive as possible.

Alan Miller Chairmen of the NTIA “This is a game changer for everyone in our industry. We shall continue to champion collaboration and partnership with all stakeholders. But make no mistake, we are serious about fair treatment for our enormously loved clubs, bars, festivals, Restaurants and all licensed activities. Our country – and our way of life – depends upon this. Now we have protection that won’t have clauses that make cover meaningless. It means everyone that is an NTIA member can have the same representation Fabric got, without having to crowd fund. This changes everything for us all”



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