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Claptone Unveils New Video



Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Well no, it’s Claptone who’s biography describes him thus:

“In a now long forgotten world, many generations ago, a bird like shape emerged from wooded dark- ness, floating and fluttering, drifting and dreaming. Backlit by a bright glow of iridescent light, the undecipherable form wore a dazzling golden mask. Its long beak swooped down like an inverted horn and since then, people have referred to the mythical being simply as Claptone.”

Whether or not that is a true account remains open to debate (although we’d put nothing past the avian-mask wearing maestro) but what we can confirm is that he has unveiled the video to his new jam ‘Dear Life.’ Featuring the vocals talents of Jaw,‘Dear Life’ is the first single to be taken from Claptone’s hotly anticipated debut album, which is set to arrive later this year via Different Recordings and has crossover hit written all over it.

Check out the official video for ‘Dear Life’ below.


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