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Mix Of The Day: Exclusive Jozef K + Winter Son Mix



The element of electronic music producers performing a live set has seemed to have lost its unique appeal somewhat in recent times. With many so called ‘musicians’ simply playing a pre-planned Ableton set up and doing very little in the way of actually making any music live. For some it has become too much of a novelty rather than a serious expression of music, though when it is billed as a ‘Live 808 Set’, that those enough in the know will surely take a little longer before making a decision about going.

Resident of the inimitable SankeysJozef K, and Winter Son (one half of Ghosting Season), have been collaborating in such a manner for a while now. With Thomas pouring his melancholic heart out through the pulses of his beloved 808 and Joe keeping the groove rock steady as they go on the decks, it wasn’t long after meeting that the pair began to produce original material. ‘The Straw That Broke The Camel’s Back’ EP, released on Sasha’s ‘Last Night On Earth’ imprint last year wholly encapsulated the general melancholic aura that producers from the rainy city having been laying out for decades and marked them out to us as a pairing definitely worth keeping an eye on. 

Fast forward to now with a series of well received EPs behind them and a fresh remix out next month as part of singer/songwriter Ursa Minor’s new Earthquakes EP on and we thought the time was right to nab their considerable talents behind the decks for an exclusive mix as part of our mix of the day series. Turn it up and enjoy the sunshine…

Ursa Minor’s Earthquakes EP is out June 2 via Invader Music


1. Franz Falckenhaus – Operation November  2. The Nova Dream Sequence – Dream 4 3. Larytta – Broken Leg Theory (Dam Mantle Remix)  4. Willie Burns – Woo Right  5. DJ Sprinkles – Grand Central Pt. 1 (Deep Into The Bowel Of House – MCDE Bassline Dub)  6. Fit ft. Gunnar Wendel – Enter The Fog  7.  Sunn O))) – Decay2 (Nihil’s Maw)  8. The Love2Love Soulsystem – Acid Rain Acid Brain (120bpm Old Skool Acid House Mix)  9. Armando – Turn My Shit Up  10. Neuhen – I Can Only Be Myself  11. Cardopusher – Control Your Body  12. Gingy, Bordello – Body Acid (Kink’s On Acid Remix)  13. Carl Cox – Let The Bass Kick  14. Runaway – Brooklyn Club Jam  15. Scotti Deep – Brooklyn Beats (Pulse 2 Rhythm Mix)  16. Habits of Hate – Limelight Roles   17. Jozef K + Winter Son – Forthcoming, Untitled  18. Ursa Minor – EarthQuakes – (Jozef K + Winter Son’s Anti Everything Remix)

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