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Drumcatcher and Horde link up on ‘All Around Me’


The latest release from well-regarded Lyon Drum & Bass imprint Impact Music comes courtesy of one of its most long-standing contributors, the Lons-le-Saunier local Drumcatcher.

Having explored a lighter, liquid-leaning sound on recent releases for Fokuz and Celsius Recordings, Drumcatcher returns to the darker sonics. His ‘Get Them’ EP release reminds listeners that he’s equally capable of crafting brooding steppers.

The four-track EP opens with ‘Get Them’, which finds ethereal pads quickly giving way to an infectious rap topline and a swelling drop. It is garnished with abrasive basslines and atmospheric, delay-soaked percussion. Dominated by sonorous sub-bass and skippy rhymes, the track marks a new direction for Drumcatcher, serving as one of his heaviest cuts to date. Next up, ‘Jungle Spirit’, as its title suggests, channels old-school junglist influences. Invigorating, patois-tinged vocals, sampled from Ragga Twins member Deman Rockers, sit atop brassy impacts. Choppy breaks and distorted basslines to make for a rugged, rave-ready number.

On our premiere ‘All Around Me’, Drumcatcher is joined by Lyon’s Horde for their second collaboration following last year’s link-up ‘Taste Maker‘. Opening with a soulful, poppy vocal, the song builds up to minimalist, rolling climaxes. Its hearty, resonant basslines offset by skittering percussion. Closing the EP in style is ‘Feel It’. This one’s a funky creation. Centred around gravelly, modulated basslines and decorated with luscious guitar licks and flourishes of jazzy brass. This is a testament to Drumcatcher’s versatility. Showcasing yet another of his musical capabilities, reaffirming his status as one of D&B’s most innovative all-rounders today.

Check out ‘All Around Me’ below. Drumcatcher’s ‘Get Them’ EP drops on 4th September on Impact Music. Make sure you grab it from here


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