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Evermix announce Android Compatible MixBox



Evermix the superb recording device for DJs which we’ve covered a fair bit on Data Transmission including our recent interview with there founders have announced the MixBox and the accompanying Evermix DJ App will soon be available to DJs using Android devices offering them a high quality & super-portable solution to record DJ sets at live events straight to their mobile phone & effortlessly publish to streaming sites and social media.

Evermix was founded in the UK in 2015 to connect electronic music fans with amazing DJ sets from the world’s greatest artists via the Evermix website. DJ’s can now easily record live mixes by plugging their smartphone and Mixer into ‘MixBox2’, a pocket-sized recording device created by Evermix, and upload instantly and wirelessly to their very own Evermix page.

The new Android App and the new MixBox hardware are expected in late August / September 2018.



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