Eagles & Butterflies Gets ‘Abstract’

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Eagles & Butterflies

If there’s one thing certain about Data Transmission, it’s that we love new. New music, new features, new socks… Anyway, in keeping with this, we’re delighted to inform you that you can now stream DT’s brilliant radio show host and producer extraordinaire Eagles & Butterflies’ brand spanking new album for Get Physical in full courtesy of the player below. What a way to start your week eh?

Taking us right through to the break of dawn, the album showcases everything that we so love about E&B’s work in the studio, serving up an LP that takes influence as much from the basements of Berlin as it does the bright lights of Ibiza. We’ve had it on in the office for a while now and so personally can guarantee its effectiveness in staving off those winter blues.

Comprised of 11-tracks – including two collaborations with J.U.D.G.E – plus the classic continuous album mix, Abstract is available to download now via iTunes. Check it out below.