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Debut Transmission: Pablie – They Came From The Past


Pablie press photo
Sure we like a spot of good, old-fashioned chaotic techno here at DT, but we love to relax too, and seeing as how the working week is almost over we think it’s the perfect time to share a little slice of serenity from Pablie.

Out October 16th as part of the Spaniard’s B Sides compilation – a 9-track collection of “instrumental soundscapes and immersive sonic sketches” produced from 2007-2009 – ‘They Came From The Past’ offers a laid back vision of electronica. Most easily described as instrumental hip hop sat somewhere between East Asian folk and Last Of The Summer Wine, the track seems to be the sonic embodiment of a meadow in summer – peaceful, warm and filled with the comforting rustle of life.

Stream ‘They Came From The Past’ below and head to the Atomnation Bandcamp to purchase or SoundCloud for more. Full B Sides tracklist at the bottom.

B Sides Tracklist:

01. When You Were Young
02. Drops and Hopes
03. Soul Drivers
04. Sunny Riders
05. On a Blue Bay
06. Everything Crystalized
07. Empieza El Viaje (Pablie Drops Remix)
08. They Came From The Past
09. World In Decline


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