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Debut Transmission: H.O.S.H. – Cambia


Diynamic stalwart, H.O.S.H., returns to the Hamburg label for his first release of 2015, the Cilantrophy EP.

Offering three distinctive but dancefloor-friendly cuts, H.O.S.H. shows he hasn’t lost it since dropping his acclaimed Forever Young EP series via the imprint last year. Our personal favourite and Debut Transmission, ‘Cambia’, closes the record with an edgy slice of tech house, that grows into a menacing beast through creepy synths and a late bassline that’s nothing short of pure evil. It’s not all doom and gloom though, just wait for H.O.S.H.’s final garnish and you’ll see what we mean!

A showcase in inventive production, ‘Cambia’ and the rest of the Cilantrophy EP are out September 11th.


A1 H.O.S.H. – Cilantro
A2 H.O.S.H. – Camino
B1 H.O.S.H. – Cambia


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