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Cerillo announces his ‘Ember’ EP feat. Jack Swift remix


Cerillo’s Matchbox imprint drops its third release and they are really finding their feet with this one. This time around he’s recruited fellow Dubliner – Andrew Azara of Rendr Records fame. He’s been gaining top tier support at the moment from the likes of the PIV crew. Also Jack Swift – who’s tight discography has seen his releases on Madtech Records and Inermu garner the attention of Chris Stussy, Toman, Prunk and Seb Zito.

We kick off with “Ember” – it’s a little deeper from Cerillo’s usual stuff but packs layers of nice pads and sounds which build nicely towards an unmistakably addictive Trance-esque lead. It still packs his signature jacking hat and thumping kick/bassline arrangement.

Our premiere comes from Jack Swift. He’s the king of skippy and you’ll see why when you play his remix of “Ember”. This remix toys around with some new and existing elements shining glimpses of light at each and really keeping us interested and moving throughout!

Check out Jack’s remix below and grab it on Beatport.


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