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Rebel Music’s Dub Wars Update


With an increased workload since lockdown started, this comes a little later than I wanted but here we go, the latest updates from Rebel Music‘s Dub Wars Production Battle Clash Tournament. If you’re unfamiliar with this brand new concept then check out the original article which explains everything CLICK HERE.

This exciting new initiative from Rebel Music has so far proven to be a winning idea. It pushes producers to get out of their comfort zone and with the added element of competition, we have heard some really wicked music so far! One track in particular for me last week was absolutely outstanding!

Dub Wars has already brought together a number of members of the community, who perhaps wouldn’t have known each other otherwise. Conversations have been started, new friendships have been formed and fresh ideas conceived. I expect we’ll see some new collaborations, which again wouldn’t ordinarily happen, will be formed after the competition finishes.

We caught up with some of the contenders to get their thoughts and feelings on the competition’s recent rounds. The quarter-final winners were announced on Sunday 24th May and it’s all to play for as we enter the semi-final round!


I’ve known Ben a couple of years now and from the very first time talking with him I was always fascinated by his vision in the music business. Dub Wars is one of the freshest ideas of the year, the competition is set at high standards and I’m really happy all the producers are really “going in” with this. I’m quite curious about the outcome of this whole experience because is definitely opening some doors and might be the beginning of something big. As for us producers, this quote from Calvin and Hobbes perfectly describes the challenge: “You can’t just turn on creativity like a faucet. You have to be in the right mood. What mood is that? Last-minute panic.”


Dub Wars has given my creative output a new direction so far, especially with everything happening right now. I’m currently not working my normal 9-5 job and have been focusing much more on my particular sound in music more (as I have the time to). This competition has brought out the competitiveness in me that I used to have when I was younger playing sports which is fun and also pushes me to not overthink things so much. The music I’ve made so far for these 2 rounds has been interesting as its almost like an auto-pilot moment where the time is running down, you blink and all of a sudden you have something you are really proud of.


Being part of Dub Wars was an amazing experience, it gave me the opportunity to focus on something different than the usual, and to connect with my peers and even make some new friends. Even though I didn’t get through to the next round, I’m incredibly proud of my efforts and it was so lovely seeing that people liked what I’d made. It’s made me feel positive about the future and has inspired me to push myself even further with my production. Big thanks to the Rebel Music team for getting me involved and to the Dub Wars group for making it so enjoyable!


Dub Wars as a concept is innovative and unique in Drum and Bass. To be involved in the first competition is very exciting for us and although it challenged us it has changed the approach making music. The community it has created will transcend the competition and we have already made new relationships with our peers, which will hopefully result in some collaborations in the near future.


Dub Wars has brought something fresh and exciting to the Drum & Bass scene at a time when things have been non existent due to Covid19. I think what Ben, Chef and the rest of the lads have been doing is wicked and I can see this becoming a cornerstone in Drum & Bass for unearthing fresh talent. I’m gutted to not be a part of it so quickly but what you do in situations like this is try and learn from it and I’ve realised I have been making tracks in my comfort zone and since I have been trying new vibes and taking different routes with my sound. Really looking forward to the final battle to see what they come up with. It’s going to be a big one!


Coming from a gaming youth, Dub Wars was the perfect opportunity for my competitive hunger. I know most of the entrants and have been following them for a while and I look forward to seeing how far I can push myself in these weird times we are currently in. I am very happy to be given the opportunity to take part in such a new and exciting format, big ups for getting me involved and allowing me to showcase my skills to a wider audience!


Being able to take part in the Dub Wars was a big opportunity for me to show what I have been working so hard towards in the past 7 years of producing music with the time set to write a track as well as being a late entry. Writing the track took about a day so it was well out of my comfort zone of being a slow writer and it pushed me to make something I really liked and enjoyed making. I am gutted I didn’t make it through the first round but honestly found the whole process so much fun I was just happy to take part and go against an artist that I did (which was a super tight round) I am excited to hear what the other artists come up within the few weeks ahead! Massive shout to Rebel music the artists and the two dons that is Chef and Darrel.”


When Creatures first asked me if I wanted to join the Dub Wars thing I was very happy to join. I think the whole concept is very interesting. I love how you are forced to use samples you might never use and therefore have to kinda make them work. It ultimately makes you work harder, trying to make it fit and trying out stuff you never did before in order to make something sound good. The competition is also fun, even though it’s more about the challenge of actually creating something decent within a week.


I love working with Ben and the passion he brings to any project is always amazing! As soon as he asked me to be involved with Dub Wars I jumped at the chance. It is such a brilliant idea, especially with lockdown! It brings an element of interactivity you don’t get with live streams or DJ sets and is a great way for fans and the producers to come together. The competitive edge and the added time pressure has really made this project something special. It changes the whole way in which we all would normally approach writing a track and this has been a great creative experience for me personally! Can’t wait to hear the next set of tracks!


Dub Wars was truly amazing to be part of. It opened up a new way of working together that we have never done before, made us write something outside of our typical style and brought together a great bunch of producers. As a result, we now have collaborations on the table with others we may not have had the chance to. Overall, we feel honoured to be part of the first Dub Wars in Drum & Bass on a scale like this. Big ups to Ben from Rebel Music for getting us involved, and to Chef and The Invaderz for the running commentary and build-up work. We can’t wait to see how the rest of the competition weighs out!


We’ve been working with Ben since the start of Rebel Music and it’s always been an interesting journey, full of opportunities. When he came to us with this idea we were really keen and could see the huge potential of it. Being part of it has seen us go through a mixture of emotions, from excitement to stress and back again. It’s been great to examine our production methods and put pressure on ourselves to be able to compete. Juggling work and family has been stressful but rewarding. It has taught us to focus on listening to our gut and to not overthink things. On the social side, it’s been great to be involved with a bunch of people who get the scene, the lifestyle and show great camaraderie in what has been a strange time for us all.


This is one of the best things I have seen in dnb for a long time as it brings a new platform for artists old, new, big or up and coming to have a chance to showcase their abilities anonymously and put their music to the challenge. I was an athlete and skater and for me, this gives me that excitement and gets me involved in a competition which I’d say already has pushed me to do things I wouldn’t normally. Glad to be in the competition and glad to be a part of the foundations of this as I’m confident we will grow and bring you more Dub Wars in the future!

Only 4 remain…Creatures v Ill Truth and Wingz v Kolectiv.

Over £10,000 worth of prizes on offer and 1 years sponsorship from Native Instruments.

Who will make it through to the Final Round? It’s down to you!

The voting for the 3rd round opens on Friday at 9pm and closes on Sunday at 9pm. After the results are counted and verified DJ Chef and Darrell (The Invaderz) will reveal the winners on Instagram Live – go to @rebelmusichq. These 2 acts will be going through to the final round and be in with the chance to be crowned the first-ever Dub Wars champion!

Make sure you get involved and vote for your favourite dubs via www.metapop.com/rebel-music


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