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Bess Maze & Jordan Prett team up on ‘F.U.N.K.’


In 2002 the Brazilians won their last world cup, led by the original Ronaldo.

In 2019, Brazilians not only are still good at football, but they’re also incredible producers and we are very excited to release Bess Maze and his fellow Brasileiro Jordan Prett first EP on Lame. The label owner Skinnybit remix adds even more spice on this caipirinha.

Matheus Bessa aka Bess Maze is the 22-year-old resident in Manaus / AM where he is currently the only producer with national-level visibility within his state. With little time of career Bess already has appeared in great festivals, like Kaballah and Soulvision.

There is little knowledge about the Jordan Prett, he’s super new! Today we premiere the lead track ‘F.U.N.K.’ for your listening delights!

Check it out below and grab a copy here.