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Artists can now upload tracks direct to Spotify for FREE



The game has just changed!

Spotify has today launched a new feature which will enable independent artists to upload tracks to the service directly – without any requirement for a third-party aggregator or record label.

The feature currently remains in invite-only beta mode – with a few hundred US artists being ushered in – but Spotify says that, in the future, it will “bring upload to even more artists, labels, and teams”.

Artists will be able to access the upload function via the Spotify For Artists platform and it will be completely free. The platform isn’t charging any upfront fees for uploads – no matter how many tracks are submitted – and also isn’t charging artists any additional commission on the royalties generated by this music.

Spotify have confirmed that its new upload tool will only be open to those parties who entirely own the copyright of their recordings – and that filter systems have been “put in place to prevent potentially infringing content from getting on the service”.

Let the games begin!


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