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Akkord prep new Houndstooth CD



The last few years have definitely been those of the duo. Heralded by the long awaited return of Parisian pair Daft Punk, the scene was set for period dominated by double acts. So who has our stand-out pairing in recent time? DisclosureSMDDaft Punk? For us that accolade has to go to Manchester twosome Synkro and Indigo who under their Akkord moniker have quite frankly blown us away with their efforts in the studio.

Returning for 2015, the Houndstooth pairing have now announced that they’ll be releasing a new CD collection that collates their recent works March 23rd. Titled HTH035, the collection features last years four track HTH020 EP and remixes from Vatican Shadow, The Haxan Cloak, Regis and Fis.

Check out Regis’s ‘Whip Hand Mix’ of ‘Gravure/Continuum’ below or head to Houndstooth’s website to hear clips of every track on HTH035.


I           Gravure
II          Continuum
III         Typeface
IIII        Greyscale
Γ          HTH020 (The Haxan Cloak’s Cloud of Witness)
ΓI         Typeface / Greyscale (Vatican Shadow’s The World Is Complete)
ΓII        Gravure / Continuum (Fis Hayfield To New Mills Version)
ΓIII       Gravure / Continuum (Regis Whip Hand Mix)




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