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Malux shares 10 of his favourite tracks to celebrate ‘Jericho’ on Evolution Chamber


Malux is the Drum & Bass moniker of respected bass music pioneer SKOPE, with years of production experience behind him and a rich imagination, rendering him capable of exquisite audio manipulation and diverse funk aesthetics. With an impressive catalogue of spirited offerings on RAM Records, War On Silence, Vision Recordings and several others, Malux is back on the increasingly popular artist-led collective Evolution Chamber with the perfect follow-up to his Ghost Train feat. Hijak MC.

Gliding through the depths of an eerily urgent cinematic intro, Jerichoswiftly punches into a tirade of roaring harmonic frequencies alongside the gripping harshness of breakneck drums and spine-bending jungle-laced fills. 

To celebrate his latest release, Malux shares an eclectic selection of some of his favourite cuts below:

Dirty Art Club – Hemlock

One of the best producer names and best chillout/beats producers. I listen to a lot of these guys when I’m not listening to heavy stuff.

Black Barrel – Turn Up

Love black barrels sound, great rollers with a tech vibe.

Sam Binga & Redders – Natural Mission – (Bakey Remix)

Garage is coming back! Always a favourite of mine and I’ve been loving the stuff coming on pineapple records.

Airglo – Big Bad Wolfgang

Just a really cheeky baseline! Love it.

Habstrakt & Nitepunk – Point

I’ve been getting much more into bass house recently and this is great example of the kind of stuff I like.

Tsuruda – Headshot

Such a beastly bass, Tsuruda always comes with the vibes.

Stone Giants – West Coast Love Stories

What a beautiful composition from one of Amon Tobin side projects, I love the vocal sound and the atmosphere.

Maysev – Aversion

This guy is a strong new talent I discovered recently through dividid and this is the track I’ve been playing the most from the release.


Possibly my favourite producers at the moment and this is another example of why.

Malux – Jericho

My new single on Evolution Chamber, Enjoy!

Malux’s ‘Jericho’ is out now on Evolution Chamber, you can buy/stream it here

Evolution Chamber: Instagram | Facebook | Beatport | Soundcloud | Spotify


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