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Smooth supplies his Top 5 DnB ‘Stingers’ for ‘Scorpion’ on Evolution Chamber


They were the first marine creatures to venture onto dry land almost 200 million years before dinosaurs. They can eat pretty much anything. They can survive pretty much anything. They dance before they mate. They glow in UV light. Some of them can even sting when they’re dead. And Smooth has just written one of his biggest bangers to date about them.

People, please make way for the coolest arachnid known to man… the ‘Scorpion’.

Sting when you’re winning… Slovenian headliner Smooth follows up his massive collaboration with State Of Mind ‘Runaway Train’ with this almighty Evolution Chamber debut. Venomous but cheeky with it, ‘Scorpion’ punches with the positive energy and hearty dynamics of the 2000s glory days and the sounds of Breakbeat Kaos, Fresh and Pendulum.

To mark the release of Smooth’s eagerly-anticipated debut on Evolution Chamber with ‘Scorpion’, the Slovenian stalwart supplies his Top 5 DnB ‘stingers’ below:

Culture Shock ‘Troglodyte VIP’

“This tune has been in my mix for ages I literally can’t get rid of it :)”

Smooth ‘Scorpion’

“It is an awesome set starter especially if you want to start with a bang!”

Pendulum ‘Driver’

“What a banger this is. Just incredible how it smashes every dancefloor…”

State of Mind & Smooth ‘Runaway Train’

“We still cannot believe how this thing blew up. Super excited about the next few bits we have as well :)”

ShockOne ‘Follow Me’

“Banger!!…and you can pretty much mix it with anything!”

XXXXL in 2022 proportions; ‘Scorpion’ reminds us how much fun Drum & Bass can be without compromising on the production weight, the drama and the impact of a song. Just in time for festival season, this one’s a real stinger. Smooth’s really coming with the rough stuff right here. Something tells us he’ll be back on Evolution Chamber very very soon…

Smooth’s ‘Scorpion’ is out now on Evolution Chamber. Grab it from here!


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