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Playaz return to Printworks London


February 22nd marks the return of Playaz to Printworks after their massive sell out show last March. We are met, once again, with an impressive lineup, bass-heavy music and unprecedented energy. Hype, Pascal and Zinc created an empire and have since sold out show after show, with each event proving passion for music and love for the culture. Printworks carries an equally exciting reputation, with its illuminating light shows and outstanding sound systems. Together, the dedication and talent within the event and music industry allows Printworks’ productions to stand out, and the Playaz shows to be unmissable. With the mixture of the two, Playaz: Return to the Printworks isn’t one to miss.

The headliners stand high and mighty at the top of the list, Hype, Hazard, Problem Central (Logan D, Majistrate, Eksman & Evil B) and Watch the Ride, lead the way, followed by a line up full to the brim of talent. Being the father of the record label, Hype will undoubtedly do what he does best, and touch the audience with all the tunes that they fell in love with, and we get treated to this twice, as he headlines and partners up with DJ Randall in an Irregular Jungle Set. Hazard invites us in with his brand new release ‘Far Fetched’, and will bring his signature style and heavy tune selection, expect a dub-filled night for us all.

Problem Central has just released ‘Serious’ and ‘Classic’ on Low Down Deep, and as a ruling fan favourite ‘Classic’ is expected to create a buzz, after all, where better for the new yet infamous quadruplet to showcase new music than on the booming sound system that lives in Printworks. One of the headliners of the evening – Watch the Ride – boomed into the scene last year with the hit track ‘Original Format’ featuring D Double E and Randall, DJ Die, Dismantle. After the hype from his recent performance at Motion for Halloween, expect big energy coming from that room.

These headliners aren’t just playing alongside the 100+ lasers that lay famously in Printworks, but will have the opportunity to play through a new set of speakers installed in 2018, consisting of Autotechnik J + V series PA, creating the ultimate listening experience for the crowd, crisp sounds and a heavy, deep, inside-of-your-body bass. Those sound systems won’t only hear the great noise of Hype and Hazard on this night, as they are joined by Sub Zero & Original Sin who are treating us to an exclusive G-Dub set, alongside DJ Limited and Taxman who are also teaming up for another B2B madness.

The special guests invited this year are Darkzy ft Window Kid, combining their talents as a dream team and 2020 will see them pair up for their UK tour after the success of their tracks ‘Bullacake’ and ‘Hide the Thing’. Any bassline fan will know to expect nothing less than wobbly basslines and high energy sets from the two of them.

This night will not fail you if you’re seeking high energy thrills and back to backs that are full up on power. Born on Road have been stomping their way to their rightful places in the charts, with track after track being crowd favourites. They return to Printworks following suit in the trend of joining forces, Ben Snow will be a member of the super squad Selecta J-Man B2B Kelvin 373 B2B Ben Snow B2B AC13, following the boom of ‘Pressure’, dropped in January. This collection of DJ’s will rapidly take the attention of Drum and Bass fanatics.

Speaking of taking the scene by storm Kaz and Indika are back, and are definitely two to keep an eye on. Making his mark permanently on the scene, Bou makes his Playaz debut after his explosive tracks reaching top 100 on Beatport and consistently staying there, including his 2019 release of ‘Scorpio’ featuring Serum and Trigga. Last but by no means least, it wouldn’t be Playaz without the big boys behind the bars – IC3 and Daddy Earl, Evil B, Eksman, AD, Phantom and Crazy D – who tie up the drum and bass line up, and will create the infamous Playaz vibe.

Heading over to the Bass and Dubstep, Flowdan, rule maker of the dance, hosts for DJ Hatcha B2B Slimzee. Cookie Monsta and Flowdan dropped a hefty tune ‘Fade to black’ in November, and his return leaves us eagerly waiting for more. With his Radio 1 residency, Royal-T will no doubt draw in crowds, showcasing his new release with Champion ‘Distortion’, a tune his fans will be hungry to hear.

Printworks has a reputation for highs, immense lights and lazor show, with over 100 LED lasors hitting the crowd, for the lighting engineers find their challenge “is to create those special moments, where light and music fit in perfect harmony” and Printworks light shows serve their multi-sensory, storytelling purpose each and every time. This experience is clearly reflected on the crowd, as they absorb the atmosphere. With Printworks running during the day, the darkness inside contrasting with the light display creates a unique environment, allowing the audiences to immerse themselves into the experience being offered to them. The Playaz experience.

The lineup is dripping with talent, and Playaz never fails to create an impressive production for the crowd, cultivating an energy filled event, and whatever any bass-seeker is searching for, they will find here. Printworks will supply an infamous light show and roaring sound system, alongside Playaz astounding and passionate artists, this partnership appears to be unmissable.

Tickets are still available for this knock out event but are running low so make sure you don’t miss out and grab those tickets from here NOW


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