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Concept One drops ‘The Witness EP’


In his first full EP release for Incurzion Audio, 23 year old Austrian DJ and Producer Concept One steps up with his first full EP for the imprint ‘The Witness EP’. He has delivered an incredibly refined deep and techy four-track masterpiece with this record. The EP features guest appearances from UK based JAK, complete with crisp and flowing drums and perfectly weighted basslines.

Concept One The Witness EP

With dark undertones and the occasional half-time segment, Concept One displays his knowledge and passion for Drum & Bass music with unrivalled production quality and a really distinctive and imaginative musical style which keeps the listener gripped throughout each track.

Concept One is no stranger to producing and has seen previous releases on labels such as Serial Killaz and Stickybass Records. It is apparent that Concept One is not just a one-trick pony and has a wealth of skill and talent which are essential to produce top tier music across many sub-genres.

As soon as Incurzion Audio received ‘The Witness EP’ from Concept One it was immediately apparent that they had to sign it there and then.

Today we premiere the title track ‘The Witness’ which starts off quite slow and beautifully light but then quickly builds to be dark and edgy with a deep, gritty, moody bassline. Erring on the minimal side of Drum & Bass this track is definitely my favourite from the EP and I highly recommend you check it out below!

Concept One ‘The Witness EP ‘drops on Incurzion Audio on 21st February, so make sure you get a copy!