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Xyde joins Phase Records with ‘Blink State / Supercharged’


Introducing the latest release from Phase Records: a thrilling two-track single titled ‘Blink State’ and ‘Supercharged’ by the talented Italian producer, Xyde. This release also features a collaboration with label boss, Gifta.

Xyde is renowned for his distinct blend of techy, dark, and commanding soundscapes, enriched with atmospheric and futuristic elements. Drawing inspiration from industrial and cinematic sounds, his signature imprint on Drum & Bass is unmistakable. With a string of notable releases, Xyde has been steadily making a name for himself within the underground circuit. Currently, he is closely affiliated with Yamatai Records, Incurzion Audio, Four Corners Music, Holographic Audio, BNCexpress, Jungle Pride Recordings, and now, Phase Records.

Both tracks on this release deliver an intense surge of energy that will captivate listeners and ignite dancefloors. The A-side track, ‘Blink State,’ is a collaboration with Phase Records boss, Gifta. It takes listeners on a journey through haunting atmospheres, culminating in a mind-bending and soul-crushing drop of dark, techy basslines and intricate soundscapes. The collaboration seamlessly merges their electrifying bass designs and masterful drum work, resulting in a truly exhilarating track. On the other hand, ‘Supercharged’ follows a similar theme, presenting an electrifying and innovative sound design that captures Xyde’s aggressive and uncompromising style, executed flawlessly.

Prepare yourself for an electrifying release that pushes boundaries and leaves an indelible impact on the Drum & Bass scene. Stay tuned as Xyde’s ‘Blink State’ and ‘Supercharged’ redefine the limits of sonic exploration.

Today we premiere ‘Blink State’ which you can check out below. The two tracker drops exclusively on Beatport and Spotify today (Friday 14th July) and will be available everywhere else on Friday 28th July. Grab a copy from here!


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