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The Marcus Intalex Music Foundation launches new initiative


The Marcus Intalex Music Foundation is launching a new initiative to raise funds for both the Foundation, as well as 42nd Street, a Manchester-based charity supporting young people with mental health issues.

To kick the fundraiser off, there is a very special offering from drum and bass innovator Calibre. For a small charity donation, the Foundation are giving away an unreleased collaboration between Marcus Intalex and Calibre titled ‘Lobeat’, an exclusive ‘Shelflife 07′ track titled ‘Sweet Sound’, and a never-before-heard interview with Calibre and Fabio from the Foundation radio residency at Sun And Bass Festival in 2019. The interview is part one of a wider podcast series, which sees the Foundation ask some good friends to join them and chat about their lives in music.

The Marcus Intalex Music Foundation was set up to support and nurture young music talent, giving them the chance to break into the industry without so many barriers. Through workshops, one-on-one tuition, studio sessions, and events, they provide a platform for people to learn and develop their skills.

With a very conscious mind on the current global pandemic, the Foundation will be splitting any money raised with 42nd Street in Manchester. 42nd Street is an innovative charity providing free and confidential services to young people experiencing difficulties with their mental health and emotional wellbeing.

The bundle is available to buy on bandcamp a pay as you feel basis after a minimum £5 donation to both charities which you can do here

You can find out more about these two fantastic charities below:

Marcus Intalex Foundation: http://www.mi-mf.com/

42nd Street: http://42ndstreet.org.uk/


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