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Our Pick of Must See Artists at High Lights Festival


Get ready for an unforgettable weekend of electronic music at High Lights Festival in Barking Park, East London, from 31st May to 2nd June. This brand new three-day festival promises to be a dazzling celebration of sound and design, featuring an impressive lineup of world-class DJs and live acts, alongside visually stunning bespoke architectural installations designed by Lucid Creates. With over 70% of tickets already sold, High Lights is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated events of the summer. Here are our must see artists who will make this debut festival a sensational experience…


Friday 31st May – SYREETA has been making waves in the electronic music scene with her captivating performances and Boiler Room sets that have garnered widespread acclaim. Her ability to blend house, techno, and disco creates an infectious energy on the dance floor. SYREETA’s set at High Lights is sure to be a highlight of the festival, offering a fresh and exciting musical journey that will get everyone moving.

Hilit Kolet

Friday 31st May – Hilit Kolet is an up-and-coming DJ whose eclectic style seamlessly merges various electronic genres. Known for her ability to create an immersive atmosphere, Hilit’s sets are a sonic adventure that explores the depths of house, techno, and beyond. Her performance at High Lights will undoubtedly be a showcase of innovative sounds and infectious rhythms, making it an essential part of your festival experience.

Carl Cox

Saturday 1st June – Carl Cox, a living legend in the dance music scene, is headlining with what promises to be an electrifying set. Known for his high-energy performances and masterful mixing skills, Carl Cox’s presence at High Lights is a highlight you simply cannot miss. This will be his only London festival gig this summer, making it a rare opportunity to see the maestro in action. His ability to blend techno, house, and beyond ensures a dynamic set that will keep you dancing from start to finish.


Saturday 1st June – Calibre is a revered name in the drum and bass community, renowned for his soulful, deep, and melodic productions. His sets are a journey through the subtler, more emotional side of drum and bass, making them a unique experience in the festival setting. Calibre’s ability to craft intricate soundscapes that captivate and move the crowd makes his performance a must-see at High Lights.


Saturday 1st June – Fish56Octagon is a name to watch in the electronic music scene, bringing a fresh and experimental approach to his performances. His unique blend of electronic beats and innovative sound design promises to deliver a captivating live set that will stand out at High Lights. As a newly added act, Fish56Octagon is set to surprise and delight festival-goers with his creative and dynamic performance.

Enzo Siragusa

Sunday 2nd June – Enzo Siragusa, the mastermind behind FUSE, will be curating a spectacular day of music on Sunday, June 2nd. Known for his deep, groovy house and techno sets, Enzo has built a reputation for creating unforgettable party atmospheres. His expertise in selecting top-notch tracks and his deep understanding of the crowd’s energy make his set an unmissable part of the festival. Enzo’s performance, coupled with the extensive lineup of selectors and live acts he’s bringing to High Lights, promises a day of pure musical bliss.

Don’t miss out on these incredible acts at High Lights Festival. With a lineup this strong and the added allure of visually stunning stage installations by Lucid Creates, High Lights is set to be an extraordinary celebration of electronic music.

Get your tickets now and prepare for an unforgettable weekend in Barking Park! Grab your tickets here!

Organisers Percolate are offering free day tickets to the event for residents who live within one mile radius of Barking Park. These can be obtained by emailing proof of address to community@percolatemusic.co.uk

Friday 31st May 2024 12:00-22:30

Max Cooper (DJ Set)
Actress (DJ Set)
Rival Consoles (live)
Kelly Lee Owens (DJ Set)
Lenzman b2b LSB & Fox
Mia Koden
Ross From Friends (DJ Set)
SCALER (FKA Scalping)
Weval (DJ Set)
Tailor Jae

Saturday 1st June 2024 12:00-22:30

Carl Cox
Franky Wah
Elderbrook (DJ Set)
Dan Shake
Hilit Kolet
Jasper Tygner (live)
Krywald & Farrer
Lulah Francs
Mr. G (live)

Sunday 2nd June 2024 12:00-22:00 – FUSE Presents

Enzo Siragusa
Chris Stussy
Shonky b2b Traumer
Dr Banana b2b Laidlaw
Josh Baker
Anthea b2b Giammarco Orsini


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