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‘Sundance’ EP is a dose of liquid gold to heal your soul


SOFi MARi and Septabeat’s Jazzy D&B grooves, soulful vocals and rejuvenating vibrations will transport you back to those sun-drenched, bass-heavy beach festival dance floors we all love and miss so much.

The legendary vocalist and lyricist SOFi MARi (FKA Sopheye MC) has now released her first ever EP on the soulful Dutch DnB label, Fokuz Recordings. It’s her latest collaboration with the mighty live drummer, Septabeat: a professional jazz instrumentalist, whose spontaneous blends are a match made in heaven for Sofi’s empowering vocals. This week, we caught up with the jazzy power duo for a deeper dive into what they’re all about. Don’t forget to check out the EP below!

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Hey SOFi MARi and Septabeat, congratulations on your release! Can you walk me through the tracks?

SOFi MARi: ‘Sundance’ is the tune where we are dancing under the sunshine, and honouring how good it feels to experience that. ‘Origin’ has a more reflective and nostalgic vibe to it: reminiscing over our roots and origins; where we come from. Following this we move over to ‘Waiting’, which is about bigging ourselves up. Many of us don’t do that enough, and it’s vital to take time to look within and remember how amazing we actually are as individuals. Finally, the EP closes out with ‘Shiver’. This tune is where we dive into the subject of love and lustful feelings. Is it the music that causes that ‘shiver’ down your spine, or is it someone you’re attracted to? Based on who you are as a listener, the answer to that question is up to you!

Captured by Crums

SOFi MARi, how does it feel having released your first EP? How is it different from your previous work?

SOFi MARi: It’s exciting and a relief all at once! Over my 12 years in the D&B scene I’ve had a handful of releases, but never took the time to sit, plan and execute an EP of my own.

Working with Septabeat helped and motivated me to push that much harder towards taking action. Granted, I sang and wrote most of the lyrics, this EP has been an eye opener in what it takes to get a full collaborative project released in general. 

It’s a lot more work than putting out one or two tracks at a time, but it’s very rewarding and well worth the extra effort. I’ve learned lots along the way. Especially the importance of working with producers and musicians who ‘get you’ and vice versa. (I got lucky with Septabeat here for sure!)

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Septabeat, as a drummer how has your musical background informed your D&B production?

SEPTABEAT: It informs it in so many ways. I write using a lot of jazz chord progressions which I certainly wouldn’t be doing if I hadn’t studied jazz, and jazz harmony and theory! But also my process of creating drum parts involves playing the drum parts. I use my electronic kit to trigger samples and virtual instruments on the computer. There’s a lot of back and forth between the kit and the computer – I love bringing the two disciplines together!

Captured by Joe Peek

In a dream world, describe your ideal location to perform the ‘Sundance’ EP live.

SOFi MARi: I would love to play this EP live for one of those massive drum and bass loving crowds in New Zealand! The way that country embraces the sound and many styles of D&B is a beautiful thing to read and hear about indeed.

Septabeat: I want to travel to Brazil and be playing this EP on the beach in Rio. That would be my dream come true!

What can we expect from you guys in the future?

SOFi MARi: We most definitely have more tunes in store for you; not all drum and bass. I’ve got another EP forthcoming in December on V Recordings and am in the middle of making plans for what is to come once these other releases are out. I’ve also gotten back into editorial writing so expect more of that from me as well! 2020 has been quite the reflective year…thankfully I was able to find the silver lining by seeing that hard work definitely pays off in the end. 

Septabeat: Indeed – many more collabs to come so I’m mega excited! I have 2 more EPs upcoming on Fokuz Recordings, and then after that I would LOVE to put out a full album of my own stuff. We’ll see how that unfolds! 

But in the long term post Covid, LOADS MORE LIVE DRUM & BASS IN YOUR FACE!

Septabeat & SOFi MARi ‘Sundance’ EP is out now on Fokuz Recordings, grab it from here

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