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External Subway set to drop ‘Movements’ LP on Fokuz


External Subway is bringing his musical vision to Fokuz Recordings with his debut album ‘Movements’.

External Subway is a London-based electronic music producer, who’s been making music for more than 25 years. A classically trained musician, External Subway uses the city’s multicultural flavour to imprint it deep into his music DNA. Using a lot of real musical instruments and vocals, sad and thoughtful soundscapes mixed with aggressive beats and synths create an unforgettable audio journey.

After releasing his first EP on Fokuz Recordings in 2021, External Subway quickly gained momentum and released 2 more EPs during the same year. With his ‘Movements’ LP, External Subway explores the deeper side of Drum & Bass. Melodic and cinematic sound, purely created for the best overall listening experience.

“I truly believe that music should take you on the musical journey, one that grabs you from the very beginning and doesn’t let you go until the very end. That’s why all of my tracks are 6-8 minutes long and are always evolving, and changing. Since my childhood, I have dreamt of releasing a full-length album and also collaborating with real singers and MCs. I have now collaborated with 4 really good singers and one MC for my album and I think this part of my childhood dream is now accomplished!”

External Subway

Today we premiere ‘Dust To Dust’ which sees External Subway collaborate with the super talented Sydney Bryce. Check it out below! the ‘Movements’ LP drops iva Fokuz Recordings on Friday 29th April, make sure you grab a copy from here!

Movements LP cover

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