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Jon Tho debuts on Surveillance Music


Jon Tho emerges from the shadowy Surveillance Music network with his debut EP, ‘Sundials’. Though appearing now under a different moniker, Jon Tho’s productions stretch back years and across myriad labels under his former and sonically frenzied alias, Fragz.

Jon Tho now finds further expression under this new alias. He places his focus on sleek sounds tinged with echoes of melancholic melody as he steps forth into a space of further innovation. As Fragz, he saw releases on labels such as Eatbrain, Surveillance, Cause4Concern and AXON to name a few.

“It’s been something I’ve been thinking about for a long time, but when lockdown happened then I knew it was time to do something. I wanted to come out of this shitty situation with something positive. I want to see myself free from the past. There have been points in my career where I was going into the studio but felt locked. I’d start an idea and be really into it but realise it’s not really the type of music people would associate with Fragz. I was starting to feel trapped and creatively frustrated so with the new project I’m inspired again.” Jon Tho speaking to UKF about the reasons for his new alias

His debut release under his new moniker comes in the form of ‘Sundials’ EP. Consisting of 4 huge tracks this one’s gonna blow your mind! As the founder of Surveillance Music it’s only fitting that he kicks off the next chapter of his story on his own imprint.

Our premiere today is the title track ‘Sundials’. Which is absolutely brilliant, it’s high energy would get any dance floor bouncing! Stabby synths, a kick ass bassline and a sick groove make this a must for DJs catalogues.

Check out ‘Sundials’ below. The EP drops on Surveillance Music on 6th November. Do yourselves a favour and make sure you grab it from here