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SOLA contribute ‘Neon’ to ‘Pray For Afghanistan’ LP


SOLA is a Drum & Bass trio composed of Nothing To Lose and Echidna from Manchester, UK and Hanm (not pictured) from Brisbane, Australia. Since bursting onto the scene in 2018 with their debut release ‘New Dawn’ EP, these boys have kept up the pressure with releases on RAM‘s sister label Program, DJSS’s Formation Records, European powerhouse Korsakov Music, Jump Up legends Dub Damage and Manchester Jungle dons Nuusic, as well as Essex based Druid Records and their own imprint Grand Theft Audio.

They also have tracks forthcoming on Program, Dub Damage, Deep In The Jungle, Nuusic, GTA, Play Me and Headsbass (as well as some other charity projects). James from SOLA has also teamed up with Sammie Hall this year to create two sample packs, one for Shogun Audio and the other for By The Producer.

SOLA are unashamed celebrators of the full spectrum of Drum & Bass. From the heaviest dancefloor sounds, to the most delicate liquid ones, right through to glitchy neuro via roughneck jungle and groovy rollers, nothing is off limits. Despite this, they have a consistent feel across the tracks they make in these sub genres, an internal logic to their sound design and mixdowns, that keeps tracks from sounding too disparate.

When Harry (aka HD) first asked them to write something for the ‘Pray For Afghanistan’ LP, they jumped at the chance as it is a cause close to their hearts, and wanted to make something soft and liquidy. But when they sat in the studio, they ended up, as is so often the case, making something completely different, going where the vibe took them. The result is a heavy dancefloor track with arps, space-age FX, and sci-fi vocals building the atmosphere and the tension before clean drums and filthy basses rip through the speakers with brutal efficiency.

Like scenes from a dystopian film unfolding in real-time across our screens, the last few months have seen a worldwide outcry from and for the people of Afghanistan. After 20 years of war, the Taliban have retaken Afghanistan since the US decided to withdraw its military presence. Kabul airport was subject to abject chaos, harrowing footage showed people running after and clinging to moving US military planes, in sheer desperation to leave the country.

The evacuation operation from Kabul has now ceased. The Taliban forces are a huge source of fear for the country’s people, particularly for women, children, minority groups and refugees who also face mass uncertainty, with many of them having fled with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Even before the Taliban retook control, more than 550,000 people had been forced to flee their homes this year due to fighting, according to the UNHCR. That means an estimated 3.5 million Afghans are currently internally displaced within the country and Islamic Relief reports that a similar amount of the population are also suffering malnutrition due to huge food shortages and rocketing food prices.

After seeing the haunting footage of the current situation in Afghanistan, Harry (aka HD) felt obliged to help. Even if it was small, he knew that he needed to do something that would contribute something positive to the people of Afghanistan. 100% of the funds will be donated to Islamic Relief – an amazing organisation that has been working on the ground with families in Afghanistan for over 20 years. They supply food packages, hygiene kits, water storage kits and emergency shelter to families that need it most. Islamic Relief are currently providing support for refugees that are still in Afghanistan, as well as those that have fled the country. This is why Harry felt that they were the best charity to raise money for.

This album is a testament to the Drum & Bass scene and how its community comes together in the darkest of times. Honestly, the response from all corners of the scene is unbelievable with everyone wanting to help in one way or another. Whether that was sending a tune over or spreading awareness. It’s been absolutely humbling for all involved.

[Credit: Contains some phrases from an interview with Harry Davies-Jenkins originally written by Dave ‘Columbo’ Jenkins for UKF.com]

SOLA are contributing their track ‘Neon’ to the ‘Pray For Afghanistan’ LP which drops on Friday 8th October. Make sure you help the cause raise much-needed funds by buying a copy from the purchase button beneath the Soundcloud player! It doesn’t matter whether you buy one track or the entire album, every bit of money is going to help.


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