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Grand Theft Audio are set to drop Part 1 of ‘Grand Theft Audio 50’ LP


In Grand Theft Audio’s 7 year history they have never had a release of this magnetude by quite some distance. To celebrate their 50th release, they’re putting out a 50 track album. Including 25 brand new tracks and 25 best of Grand Theft Audio, drawing from their rich and varied back catalogue. There will be 4 x LP Samplers in the lead up to the ‘Grand Theft Audio 50’ LP dropping.

As part of this release Data 3’s Alex Kostyakov aka Somebody Else teams up with SL8R to serve up a slice of dancefloor jungle with ‘Facking Jungle M8’. An epic intro gives way to the rolling but energetic drop where high impact drums rattle over gnarly basses. Arps, pads, FX all add flavour to the track and keep things from getting dull. This is one of those tracks where you notice something new with each relisten. It is a certified pure weapon.

The Brummie-born, Manchester-based SL8R started his career off on Grand Theft Audio Recordings. After wowing them with his debut track ‘AWOL’, he went on to release singles ‘Lunar / Brook’, ‘Mansion / Spangle’, ‘Platinum C’, as well as collabs ‘Crypt’ with Data 3 and Theoretics and Nowhere with ‘Nothing To Lose’.

Connor has since built himself a huge reputation, with a back catalogue that boasts releases on a host of labels including V Recordings, Delta9 Recordings, Deep In The Jungle, Chronic and Skankandbass; and his tracks are played all over the globe by the biggest names in the Drum & Bass scene.

Determined not to be pigeonholed, SL8R will tackle any subgenre with equal efficacy, be it an angry roller, a jungle banger or some jazzy liquid, all with his trademark thinking outside the box risk-taking attitude. The one thing that’s for sure, is you can expect to see his name more and more in the coming years.

When I say Hebden, you say Bridge. Data 3 have been the biggest success story of Grand Theft Audio Recordings so far with GTA signing their first tracks: ‘Dank’, ‘Dienasty’, ‘Jackaroo’, ‘Crypt’, ‘Finger Stomp’, ‘Swept Away’, ‘Back In The Day’, ‘Astrophobia’ and ‘Clockwork’. Somebody Else along with Bryson (of Pola & Bryson fame) and Mark Dinimal have then gone on to become an absolute staple of modern Drum & Bass and are internationally renowned, with releases on Metalheadz, Shogun, Ram, and almost any other big label you could care to name.

When Alex Kostyakov isn’t making tracks with the other Datas, he’s forging his own sound as Somebody Else. It’s a gritty, minimal sound that is taking the world by storm, while differentiating him from his Data 3 roots, giving him his own identity in the scene. Releasing his debut track ‘Chips’ with Grand Theft Audio last year, they’re super excited to welcome him back to the label collabing with SL8R. In between, he’s had tracks out on a slew of labels including Off License, Sebotage and Addictive Behaviour.

Watch out for the ‘Grand Theft Audio 50’ LP Launch Party at Rebellion, Manchester on 10th December. Info and tickets are HERE

Check out our premiere of SL8R & Somebody Else ‘Facking Jungle M8’ below. The first part of ‘Grand Theft Audio 50’ drops next Friday 8th October. You’d be a fool not to grab yourself a copy asap. Click the purchase button beneath the Soundcloud player to get yours!


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