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IYRE & Bala Mandala land on Headsbass Vol 4


Beats In Mind are back again with the fourth volume of their Headsbass series. Coming on 30th October this is a charity fundraiser with an Autumnal selection of beats. The tracks range from liquid to dancefloor and each one is absolutely amazing!

Today we premiere a sublime piece of music by IYRE and Bala Mandala called ‘The River’.

IYRE got in to dance music in 2012 and started making D&B in 2014. He was heavily influenced by Pendulum and fell in love with D&B after listening to ‘Hold Your Colour’, and the ‘Immersion’ album. Right now, his biggest influences are Mohican Sun, Camo & Krooked, Mefjus, Artificial Intelligence, Winslow, Joe Ford, and Emperor. IYRE enjoys liquid D&B as much as he enjoys neuro.

Bala Mandala is heavy influenced by electronic, experimental and classical Indian music. ‘The River’ is actually his first ever attempt to compose and sing D&B and we think he’s absolutely smashed it! We hope this is the start of a beautiful love affair for Bala and D&B!

Beats In Mind consistently strive to raise funds and awareness for mental health initiatives and charities. They support DJ’s, clubbers and dance music lovers struggling with all forms of mental health-related issues and concerns.

Their output of music in recent months has been staggering. This new EP calls on DJs and producers of all levels to contribute to the cause. Names like Cutworx, Toronto Is Broken, Creatures, Kolectiv and Agro to name a few join the family for Volume 4. Past releases have seen the likes of Peshay, Nemy, Ben Soundscape, HLZ and missledz…I could go on but I won’t, there’s too many to name.

The project proves just how much we are all affected by mental health issues. Whether it’s ourselves, friends or family members, no one is left untouched by it. It rears its ugly head throughout our lives. Some people can deal with the stresses and strains of life without too much trouble but there are millions of people across the world who struggle with their own mental health every single day of their lives. Making conscious decisions as to how to deal with issues raised everyday is really tiring and even that can sometimes have an adversed effect.

Taking a bit of time out of our busy lives to focus on ourselves or a loved one is key to winning the battle. And that’s exactly where Beats In Mind answers the call to action. Listening to the music which is carefully selected really does help. It gives you something to focus on while calming you and the situation surrounding you. You can meditate to it, do some yoga, go for nice long walk or read a book, whatever it is you do to relax, this will probably work hand in hand.

Check out ‘The River’ below. It’s a real soul soother with amazing vocals. Headsbass Volume 4 drops on 30th October so please do your bit, if you can, to support people in crisis and grab yourself a copy from here