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Ratso debuts on Subdue Audio with his ‘Everest’ EP


Fresh off their massive VA compilation ‘SUB:CULTURE VOL.1’, which got love from big names like Noisia, Degs, Nicky Blackmarket, and Kenny Ken, Subdue Audio is back to spotlight those minimal vibes. This time, they’re welcoming young producer Ratso for his label debut with his new ‘Everest’ EP.

Ratso, a 23-year-old producer and DJ from sunny Ramsgate, Kent, has been making waves in the underground bass scene for over 7 years. After mastering his craft and climbing the ranks of jump-up talent in the area, he’s now diving into the darker side of Drum and Bass. With releases on Covert Garden, Undisputed Audio, and his latest hit on DrippyBoiii Recordings featured on VISION Radio, Ratso is definitely a name to watch.

Ratso comes out swinging on the label, starting with the intense, sub-heavy track ‘Everest’, which features a unique and catchy vocal sample. The stripped-back drums build into a high-energy track perfect for the raves. On ‘Tonight’, he teams up with Harley D. The crisp and unmistakable sound design paired with Ratso’s minimal style creates a bass-heavy experience that hits you right in the chest. Going solo again on ‘Give You’, Ratso delivers hard-hitting kicks, wild vocal chops, and gut-wrenching bass distortion, bringing us back to earth with a bang. Then there’s ‘Bad Business’, a masterclass in minimal drums, crisp tops, and another unique sample selection that really hits home.

Ratso proves he’s no one-trick pony with the final track. The label’s first vocalist, CharlyV, joins in on ‘Firefly’, a beautiful, pad-laced roller. The warm, melodic sub and stunning vocals showcase the young producer’s versatility, closing off a huge debut EP in style.

Subdue Audio adds another gem to their ever-growing roster of talent!

Today we premiere Ratso & Harley D ‘Tonight’ which you can check out below. Ratso drops his ‘Everest’ EP via Subdue Audio this Friday 21st June, make sure you grab a copy here!

Everest cover

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