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Subdue Audio set to drop their 1st compilation ‘SUB:CULTURE VOL.1 (VA)’


Subdue Audio are just about ready to drop their first Various Artists compilation entitled ‘SUB:CULTURE VOL.1 (VA)‘, and it’s a game-changer. With a lineup boasting 8 fresh talents, this release is the label’s boldest move yet. Spanning 13 tracks, it’s a sonic journey for anyone who lives for those BPMs above 170.

This VA dives deep into the roots of the genre, serving up a mix of classic Jungle vibes and contemporary twists. Che Mac‘s ‘Jungle Music’ kicks things off with thunderous amens and booming 808s, while Sordid Affair‘s ‘Leaving’ takes a more cerebral approach with processed vocals and ethereal samples.

But it’s not all about nostalgia—Vansnatch‘s ‘Into You’ blurs the lines between Jungle and Drum & Bass, layering desire-filled vocals over syncopated beats and a saturated bassline. And that’s just the beginning.

Minimalism is the name of the game for six other tracks on the release. Empt brings distorted bass and moody arpeggios to the table, while Gengs serves up a stripped-back banger with ‘Concentrate’. O/MEGA‘s ‘Elucidate’ dives deep into animated basslines and pitched vocal chops, showcasing Subdue Audio’s commitment to pushing boundaries.

And let’s not forget the nods to Jump Up’s rich history. Laney‘s ‘Ina Fiya’ channels classic vibes from the late ’90s Bristol scene, while TLZ (UK) injects a dose of minimal energy into ‘Back Again’.

But it’s not all about the beats—two liquid tracks offer a moment of reflection. Edan & Berrow‘s ‘Always Tired’ pairs graceful piano chords with a deep bassline, while ZER0STRATEGY‘s ‘No More Time To Waste’ closes out the release with glistening vocals and distorted organ arpeggios.

In short, Subdue Audio’s first VA is a testament to the label’s commitment to diversity and innovation. With tracks spanning the spectrum from Jungle to Liquid, it’s a promising glimpse into the future of electronic music.

Today we premiere Che Mac ‘Jungle Music’ which you can check out below. Subdue Audio drop their SUB:CULTURE VOL.1 (VA) on Friday 17th May. You can get your hands on a copy here!