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QO is back on Hoofbeats Music with ‘Make Them Shake’


Petr Vicher, aka QO, is a standout Drum & Bass DJ and producer from the Czech scene. His journey began around 2001/2002, heavily influenced by the techstep duo Konflict. Over the years, he honed his sound and built his reputation with releases on Close 2 Death, Trust In Music, and Disturbed. In 2011, he debuted with ‘Infected’ and ‘War Stomp’ on Citrus Recordings, defining his style as a hard-hitting blend of techstep and neurofunk. Success followed with singles like ‘Distress Signal’ (featuring Hostile MC) and ‘Total Control.’ Now, after a short break, QO is back with a new track, ‘Make Them Shake.’

QO’s track ‘Armored Core’ on Close 2 Death gained support from top DJs, solidifying his presence in the scene. Early 2015 saw the release of his ‘Atari X’ EP on Eatbrain, followed by more solo tracks on the same label. In 2017, QO launched Hoofbeats Music, his own label, to release his music and that of upcoming and established artists like Holotrope, Symplex, Rido, Counterstrike, and The Clamps. In 2019, he released a four-track EP featuring collaborations with Julia Marks, The Clamps, Trilo, Computerartist, and Merikan. The label’s success included ‘The Hoofbeats Family Album LP,’ featured on UKF. In 2022, he collaborated with Holotrope for a release on Blackout, and in early 2023, he dropped ‘Propaganda’ with Prdk and ‘Get Wild’ with Symplex on Evolution Chamber.

‘Make Them Shake’ marks a deliberate step out of QO’s comfort zone, using new tools and techniques to create an original and unconventional sound. QO aims to take listeners into the dark world of Neurofunk, emphasizing FUNK and drum work. He believes ‘Make Them Shake’ will rock dance floors and thrill Drum & Bass lovers, whether in clubs or anywhere else. For him, doing things differently feels like the right move, and he’s excited for everyone to hear it.


Check out our premiere of ‘Make Them Shake’ below. The single drops this Thursday 27th June, you can get your hands on a copy here!

Make Them Shake cover

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