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MILA207 drops ‘Deep & Dark’ EP on UTM Records


MILA207 has unleashed a highly charged Drum & Bass EP, appropriately titled ‘Deep & Dark’ – exploring the depths of emotions and thoughts! With the support of the esteemed German label, UTM Records (Urge to Move Records) from Dresden, this electronic artist is poised to make waves in the music world.

MILA207’s latest solo EP ‘Deep & Dark’, represents a profoundly personal and introspective journey. It invites listeners on an emotional rollercoaster where her lyrical, vocal, and DJ talents merge seamlessly with the impressive D&B beats crafted by her close collaborator, Dephzac, along with two tracks co-produced by the well-known Dutch artist in the Drum & Bass community, AL/SO (Korsakov).

The EP delves deep into the intricate landscapes of relationships and the associated mental experiences. Across its five tracks, it serves as a raw expression of the complex emotions entwined with this aspect of our lives. Some lyrics offer a specific narrative, while others encourage listeners to interpret their own stories, yet all compositions paint intricate portraits of breakups and the art of letting go.

MILA207’s lyrical and vocal prowess shines brilliantly throughout the EP, infusing her stories and emotions into each track. Interestingly, this musical journey came to fruition serendipitously in the studio with Dephzac, during vocal recording sessions for his latest album, ‘Past Predictions’. As they revisited his music catalogue, they unearthed hidden gems that demanded immediate attention from MILA207.

The opening track, ‘Boss Lady’ embarks on a journey into a woman’s heart with a powerful and confident narrative, underscoring MILA207’s unwavering attitude and artistic versatility.

In contrast, ‘Them Fears’ was a deeply personal creation, written by MILA207 on her knees. She instinctively poured her emotions into this piece, while AL/SO contributed a contemporary dancefloor vibe to the track. Here, MILA207 ventures into the shadowy corners of the mind, exploring the fears that often lurk beneath our consciousness.

This thematic exploration continues in ‘In My Veins’ another collaborative effort with AL/SO, where MILA207 employs a vivid yet abstract lyrical narrative. Dephzac’s masterful production delivers deep, rolling melodies that envelope the entire composition.

‘Mental Diarrhea’ offers an unfiltered perspective on the internal struggles many face with mental health. By acknowledging personal issues and their repercussions, this track advocates for open dialogue through experimental rap lyrics. It utilizes music as a platform to confront the subconscious yearning for healing.

Concluding the EP is a bonus instrumental track of ‘Them Fears’ allowing listeners to immerse themselves in Dephzac’s intricate production and connect with the music on a personal level.

MILA207’s Deep & Dark’ EP stands as a poignant testament to the emotional depth that music can explore and express. It serves as a poignant reminder that art possesses the power to both mirror and mend the human soul.

Today we premiere ‘Boss Lady’ which you can check out below. MILA207 dropped her ‘Deep & Dark’ EP on Friday 6th October via UTM Records. Make sure you grab a copy from here!

Deep & Dark cover