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Transforma drops ‘The Boneyards’ EP on Korsakov


Before the pandemic hit, Korsakov Music were in the latter stages of launching a brand new neuro label to push all those amazing artists on the fringes of Drum & Bass out there to create the heaviest of the heaviest basses. COVID forced them to cancel the entire project for the foreseeable future, and they decided to give one of the remnants of these plans a bump up to the main label. And with good reason, as you’ll hear. 

Transforma murders. He surprises. He distorts. He twists and turns. He smacks it out the park in one tune and catches it in another. ‘The Boneyards’ EP has a bit of everything. The title track wobbles and grooves straight out of hell onto your ear drums, a masterclass in creative neuro sound design. ‘Warpath’ is exactly what you need to be hearing when on a Warpath for it’ll surely help any murderous wartime rage flourish. To top it off, ‘Mindflayer’ takes ‘The Boneyards’ EP into even darker realms, as malevolent a sonic entity as it’s Stranger Things namesake. 

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, ‘The Boneyards’ takes a huge U-turn for what’s almost a single within an EP, with the enchanting ‘Give Me Something’ ft. Marianna Ray the most emotional thing Transforma has ever made, soothing melodies and impeccable vocal work blessing the listener from start to finish. 

Closing ‘The Boneyards’ in as fitting a fashion as any EP closer, yet another marvellous Marianna Ray vocal cord blessed incantation from Transforma’s ever evolving mind, ‘Gone’ is the ethereal send off we definitely don’t deserve but got blessed with anyway. 

There is something for everybody on ‘The Boneyards’, and the sonic 180 midway through is a definite sign of more things to come from Transforma. Only the future will tell what he comes up with next, but as this EP will attest to, we will all be grasping at straws as to guess what it will be.

Check out our premiere of ‘The Boneyards’ below. The EP drops via Korsakov Music on 19th March, make sure you grab a copy of this monster from here


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