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MC Coppa drops 2 new collaborative tracks on Korsakov


Get ready to witness a seismic collaboration of musical talents as heavyweight MC Coppa teams up with the rising star from the UK, Siren, and the jump-up master Rouman. This powerhouse trio is about to shake the music scene with their electrifying project, coming this Friday (13th October) on the Korsakov Music label.

Coppa, known for his commanding presence and lyrical prowess, brings his years of experience to the forefront in this upcoming release. His MC skills are legendary, and fans can expect his signature vocal magic to elevate the tracks to new heights.

Siren, a rising star in the UK music scene, is making waves with her unique blend of electronic sounds. Her fresh and innovative approach to music production is sure to add a dynamic and contemporary element to the project. As a rising talent, Siren is set to make a significant impact on the release. Coppa collabs with Siren on ‘Subsonic’.

Rouman, the jump-up master, is no stranger to Korsakov Music, having made his debut on their previous ‘The Future Sound’ compilation. His ability to create high-energy, bass-heavy beats has made him a go-to name in the genre. With Rouman on board, you can expect some seriously infectious rhythms that will get you moving. Coppa collabs with Rouman on ‘Kerosene’.

These collaborations promise to be game-changer in the world of electronic music. The fusion of Coppa’s seasoned MC skills, Siren’s innovative approach, and Rouman’s infectious beats is a recipe for 2 smash hits that will leave a lasting impression on fans and newcomers alike.

Stay tuned and prepare to be blown away as these musical powerhouses drop their new heaters on Korsakov Music. The anticipation is building, and it won’t be long before this electrifying project takes the music scene by storm. Keep your ears open and your speakers ready for an unforgettable sonic experience!

Today we premiere Coppa & Siren ‘Subsonic’ which you can check out below. The release drops this Friday 13th October. Make sure you grab a copy for your arsenal from here!

Coppa, Siren, Rouman cover

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