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Physics & Coppa reunite for ‘Deep Within’ on Midnight Sun Recordings


Renowned Drum & Bass producer Physics and international MC, Coppa have reunited after 20 years for their electrifying collaboration, ‘Deep Within’. Hailing from Helsinki, Finland, Physics is known for his multifaceted talents as a producer, DJ, and label owner. Founder of Midnight Sun Recordings, he has been a driving force in shaping the genre’s sonic landscape. Since his debut in 2003, Physics has earned acclaim for his releases on esteemed labels such as Metalheadz, Liquid V, and Hospital Records. Notably, he is engaged in the Midnight Sons project, a venture promising to elevate the Drum & Bass experience.

Meanwhile, Coppa’s dynamic career spans over 15 years, marked by electrifying live performances and extensive studio work. With performances in over 39 countries, including notable stages in China, Malaysia, and Russia, Coppa’s global footprint in the music scene is impressive. His versatility is evident across over 150 releases spanning genres such as Drum & Bass, House/Dance, and Techno.

Their collaboration on ‘Deep Within’ showcases Physics’s masterful production prowess intertwining flawlessly with Coppa’s dynamic lyricism. The track promises to transport listeners to the core of Drum & Bass, with driving basslines and mesmerizing vocals leading on an unforgettable sonic expedition.

But ‘Deep Within’ is more than just a collaboration; it’s a testament to the enduring friendship and mutual respect between Physics and Coppa. Despite their separate musical journeys over the past two decades, they have come together once again to create something truly special. The track embodies the essence of their combined experience and expertise, offering a unique fusion of talent and creativity that is sure to captivate audiences worldwide.

As anticipation builds for the release of ‘Deep Within’, fans can expect not only a thrilling new track but also a celebration of the enduring legacy of Drum & Bass music. Stay tuned as ‘Deep Within’ releases, offering a thrilling fusion of talent and creativity from two esteemed figures in the Drum & Bass community.

Check out our premiere of Physics & Coppa ‘Deep Within’ which is below. The single drops tomorrow, Friday 16th February and is available for you to get your hands on here!

Deep Within cover

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