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Lenzman’s ‘Bobby’ LP is a masterpiece


Lenzman‘s return to Goldie’s Metalheadz label to release his dynamic album ‘Bobby’ has been nothing short of sensational. The 16 track album was released on 29th March and has exceeded everyone’s already high expectations and quickly become a must-have in any dnb heads record collection. The vinyl edition of the album is currently sold out across multiple websites.

With its roots deeply embedded in the origins of dnb ‘Bobby’ glides through the sub-genres of hip-hop, jazz and soul with ease. Its pioneering crossovers compliment and connect with the current drum and bass scene and are blissful to listen to. Throughout the album, Lenzman draws on chilled and weighty subs, soft and rich vocals from DRS, Children Of Zeus and Konny Kon whilst Artificial Intelligence and LSB lend their skills to the album with nostalgic melodies. The heavy influences of family and childhood are the glue which binds the LP together. ‘Musical journey’ is a term that can get overused and misused but this album epitomises the phrase.

Lenzman says about the album:

“I became a father a year or so before starting the album. My daughter had also named her stuffed toy “Bobby” at the time. Although the LP was already taking shape that was fitting for me as a title. Becoming a Dad had made me revisit my own childhood and look at it from a different angle. The memories, influences and music from that period of my life were the most vivid in my mind… the moods and feelings, all translated into the music on the LP. I was raised by my father and he used to draw a lot back in those days, so it was fitting for him to draw the cover, fragments of my childhood put onto paper.”

Listen to Lenzman – ‘Bobby’ LP below or grab a copy via Metalheadz here


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