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Housty joins Identity Records with ‘Frame Of Mind’ EP


There is no denying the power the dark side of Drum & Bass contains: from the weighty subs that’ll kick a door down, the gritty pop of a snare that echoes for days in the mind, to the dense atmospherics that set the mood.

Identity Records has a proven track record of bringing only the best and mightiest practitioners of this, with another dose coming from Housty via his ‘Frame Of Mind’ EP. Each track is a heavy workout of massive proportions, transforming our conception of music itself.

Our premiere ‘Glued’ begins with a slow climb, as the ethereal atmospherics, steady rhythm and winding bassline slowly increase in intensity. Then the drop hits, launching the tune into high gear with a groove-heavy feel that is as hypnotic as it is fierce. The grinding bassline rises and falls in perfect precision with the rhythm, further revealing the dynamic energy that defines this track.

With a creative intro that takes you deep into the underworld, ‘Halogen’ uses everything but the sub to craft a fascinating journey into the drop. Glitchy FX and a frenetic hat section keep the energy going, as the atmospherics and drum pattern dance around each other. None of this prepares you for the drop or the rest of the tune – a deep throbbing number with a sub that raises the dead and an infectious rolling vibe you never want to end.

Blending the fierce lyricism of Prophecy with the relentless precision Drum & Bass is famous for, ‘Frame of Mind (Ft. Prophecy)’ is a serious game-changer. The lyrics feature prominently in the track, allowing the MC to switch between rapid-fire blasts of words and simple phrasings; yet it does not overpower the music, and the production shines in this regard. From the incessant shuffling of the hat section to the growling bassline and even the finely sculpted snares, this is a creative union of music and lyrics that is rare to witness.

Finishing out the release is a collab with Tek, titled ‘Mother Russia’. It’s a wild tune, comprised of a jungle of layers that fight and play off each other with reckless abandon; fusing blasts of bass noise, heavy drums, a reverb-soaked vocal sample, and a corkscrew blend of FX, there is a chaotic feel to this tune that is instantly infectious and reveals this song’s potential in destroying any dancefloor or sound system. 

Check out our premiere of Housty ‘Glued’ below. The EP drops via Identity Records on 26th March, make sure you grab yourself a copy from here


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